6:00 pm18:00

90 Bird Member Draw Backer





2-27 Yrd. 30 Bird Draw Regular Backers and 1-24 Yrd. Draw Do-Da Backer

$10.00 per team per 30 bird backer with $6.00 into the purse paid 1/5.

Each 30 bird event will have its own pay out for the high shooters. Each 30 bird backer will be paid percentage.

Each shooter will carry team score into the following backer team scores. The total scores for each shooter for all three backers will be for the AGC $100.00 high over all added money. This added money will pay three places.

We will be shooting these events on Friday night@ 6:30pm and sign up will be start at 5:00 pm ending at 5:45 pm at which time the teams will be drawn. If you think you might be late call us at the club at 5:00 pm and we can add you to the list of shooters. Once the teams are drawn no further teams will be allowed.

9:00 am09:00

Meat Shoot

A good time to have fun for all levels of shooter.

Beginners have a great time learning to shoot with others at their same skill level. If a beginner shoots five events and still doesn't win, they get a meat prize anyway.

There are also traps set up for intermediate and skilled level shooters