We offer regular (non-game) shooting on all regular shoot days.  

Each trap can be set up for shooting distances from the 16 yard line back to the 27 yard line. 

A round of trap consists of 25 targets. Each shooter stands on one of the 5 different stations and shoots one shot in turn with the other shooters. After each shooter has five shots, they move one station to the right. The shooter on the far right position rotates to the far left position. This way, each shooter gets five shots from each of the five stations.

The club uses a simple token coin machine system for all shooting rounds. Each shooter puts their token into the machine and then proceeds to the shooting station of their choice. 

There are always experienced shooters who are glad to help and answer any questions for those new to shooting and the club.

For those shooters looking for some training time or different types of shooting experience, the traps can be set up to throw different angles of targets. Those looking to practice a specific shot, can have a tarp set up for that purpose. Those looking for practice in hunting can have a trap set up to throw both back and forth angles as well is up and down targets