The club has a modern heated and air-conditioned facility.

The public is welcome to enjoy the facilities without any membership requirements.

Private events and parties can be accommodated by reservation. 

Membership and Fees

  • The club has 2 ways to join
  1. Annual membership with dues of $20 per year, or
  2. Life membership with a one time fee of $150
  • There are no Daily fees for shooting at the club
    • Shooting fees
    1. For one round of non-game shooting, the fees are;
      • $3.00 for paid members
      • $4.00 for non-members
    2. For Games, the fees per game are;
      • $3.00 for members
      • $4.00 for non-member 
    3. Fees for youth 18 and younger:
      • $2.00 per round of shooting or game.


We offer five voice operated trap machines on five separate fields.

The modern club house is ADA compliant.

We have accommodations for RV's, but no hookups. 

Starting 12/30/15

Thursday shooting begins at 10 AM and goes until done(approx. 5PM)

Sunday hours are 10:00AM until done(approx. 4PM)